Ashleigh James

partner / head graphic designer / visual linguist
While this visual linguist loves to have fun with design, she also recognizes its exact science. So fluent in the language of visual communication, she’ll need nothing more than to look you straight in the eye, nay, into your very soul, to know your every design desire. A six-time award-winner, her humble demeanor and girl-next-door smile keep Ashleigh’s ego in check. Well…except for the days she wears her tiara to work… A logo-creating machine, her dial is always set to “perfection.”

Pet Peeve – Petite-length jeans that are placed on the very top shelf in stores
Favorite Food – A great steak, medium-rare
Random Fact – I love 80s music – especially Def Leppard, ELO and Foreigner
I Love – Disney World!
Guilty Pleasure – Reality TV and Britney Spears’ music