Paige Havens

chief marketing strategist / change agent
This marketing maven brings decades of experience to the table in marketing strategy, business development and community relations. Her prowess spans public and private sectors, for-profit and nonprofit realms, and across multiple industry lines. She is a strong collaborator, visionary, expert problem solver and if you want the honest truth- honey, you don’t have to ask. Paige’s sweet spot is at 50,000 feet looking at the big picture. Her mantra is “Progress isn’t possible without Change.” This girl is a true southern belle that knows the real meaning of “Bless Your Heart” and checks herself often with the Golden Rule and Rotary’s Four Way Test. Paige wears many hats in the community – leader, rainmaker, strategist, philanthropist, advocate, dreamer, and a damn good DAWG. She embraces each day with a roll up your sleeves, let’s tackle the world mentality and when she’s stewing on a new idea you better brace yourself for big things to come!

Pet Peeve – Being told “It Can’t Be Done”
Favorite Food – Tutto Italiano!! (all things Italian of course!)
Random Fact – I once helped the SWAT team talk someone out of a standoff at gunpoint… true story
I Love – Driving my Mini Convertible & SHARK WEEK!
Guilty Pleasure – Does work count??