Pam Ledbetter

president / firestarter
Tornadoing into the office, this high heel-clad fireball will sign off proofs, field sales calls, network business leads, and compliment hairstyles all with little or no separation from her iPhone. How she manages to be a mother, best friend, board member, marketing genius, entrepreneur extraordinaire, as well as so darn stylish all at once will leave you feeling dizzy. With match in-hand, Pam lights the proverbial fire under our tails. Known to all as the most driven and motivated person you’ll meet, Pam is the engine to our Ford, the wind to our sail… the hamster to our wheel.

Pet Peeve – Negativity
Favorite Food – Niko Niko Super Crunch Roll
Random Fact – I come from a long line of famous hillbillies (yep, you guessed it: none other than the Hatfields and the McCoys!)
I Love – My two boys, Nick and Jacob
Guilty Pleasure – I am a popcorn connoisseur