Bebe Rogers

production designer / digital diva
Designer is an understatement, Bebe is a digital production maestro. With a flick of the wrist the daily jumble of brochures, magazine layouts, postcards, flyers and more harmonize into one streamlined symphony. She’ll lull you out of a panic with her silky phone voice, no matter how soon you needed those brochures printed. Also lending her talents in copyediting, video editing, marketing coordination, and Starbucks latte ordering Bebe is a multitasking power house. She is truly music to our ears.

Pet Peeve – When you order a drink at a drive-thru and they don’t give you a straw!
Favorite Food – Pie
Random Fact – Along with my Mass Communications degree, I also have a degree in Music Performance and used to be a concert piccolo player
I Love – My amazing husband Jason and our incredible children, Charlotte and Harris
Guilty Pleasure – The Harry Potter series… I read them over and over because it’s such a great story