Karla Scarzafava

business development / perky prospector

Accurately named the Perky Prospector, Karla is never one to shy away from meeting new people and making friends wherever she goes. Originally a Pennsylvania native with a BA in Historic Preservation, from The University of Mary Washington, she’s made her permanent home in Georgia for the last 20 years and loves it. Supporting tourism is her passion as she strives to engage and encourage people all over the globe to visit Georgia. Traveling throughout the southeast, our Perky Prospector loves a backroad and the chance to get to know people everywhere. You’ve heard of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” well here at ACG we have the “57 Degrees of Karla.” For Karla, developing new business is all about being genuine, providing excellent customer service, and helping clients with their needs in a way that makes us all feel like family.

Pet Peeve – When my husband uses my favorite soap. I even tried buying him less fancy, more masculine smelling
soap. Nope. He’d rather smell like peonies and lavender.
Favorite Food – Pound cake. No icing please. Just a delicious pound cake made with lots of butter and a nice crusty top. I don’t like to share those with anyone—definitely not my husband the Soap Stealer.
Random Fact – I have a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Historic Preservation and History.
Guilty Pleasure – Buying and wearing unusual jewelry. I adore a matching set, and obsess about having all the pieces!
I Love – to talk to everyone and hear about their lives. I enjoy finding that common denominator that I
usually share with everyone I meet. And of course, I love my family. But….I really love beautiful quality
bars of soap the most!