Nicole Newsom

communications coordinator / trailblazer
A spark was ignited the day Nicole joined our team, and the trail has been blazing ever since. While her primary role is conceiving dazzling copy that compels and delights readers of all facets, Nicole is also a mover and shaker who makes things happen. With an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset, she is constantly looking to the horizon for new ideas to inflame and navigating uncharted waters to develop the “next big thing” here at ACG. Off the clock (is there such a thing?!), you’ll find her by the still-sizzling path in her wake as she exuberantly takes on the world, one trek at a time!

Pet Peeve – AutoCorrect. It’s never correct!
Favorite Food – Crab Cakes
Random Fact – Though I’m a born and bred Georgia Girl, I’m not a fan of sweet tea, grits, or bacon–I know, it’s a sacrilege.
I Love – People, Places, and Penguins. And Books! Pride and Prejudice nicely rounds out that ‘P’ list, wouldn’t you say?
Guilty Pleasure – Sappy Romance with a guaranteed H.E.A. (Happily Ever After)!